Rahoni Cronwell

Your Sweet Escape has a Name

Can you imagine an ultra-cozy, boutique-style hotel in a green oasis of lush pines and magnificent eucalyptuses? Have you ever inhaled this rich spicy scent that makes a little dizzy? Add to that luxuriously furnished rooms & suites, each with the fantastic view, overlooking both the sea and the garden.

Yes, this is it. Rahoni Cronwell Park Hotel, an adults-only paradise for sunset hunters. Feel the peaceful and private atmosphere of this charming hotel with its unique character. Enjoy the most colorful sunsets, relax in the spa or just wander around the small fishing village, Nea Skioni.


A Mediterranean oasis of comfort and privacy


This Adults Only boutique-hotel is situated in the ecologically clean area – in the heart of Kassandra Peninsula, in a small fishing village, Nea Skioni, far from big industrial regions.

As the name “Park Hotel” states, the hotel is surrounded by massive pines and magnificent eucalyptuses, forming those shady romantic nooks and filling the air with this special spicy aroma.

The port of Nea Skioni was built to resist storms, so the area has its own microclimate. The position on the hill guarantees breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea, the mountains and the olive gardens.

Rahoni Cronwell Park Hotel Adults Only is a special place where you can escape routine and be carried along by the small pleasures of life.

Built right above the waterfront among amazing landscapes and harmonically combining the deep blue waves of the Aegean Sea with the calming green of its beautiful gardens, Rahoni Cronwell Park Hotel Adults Only offers you the opportunity to relax by the majestic swimming pool or enjoy the view from its panoramic bar and try its delightful restaurant with international flavors or Greek cuisine.