Rahoni is a hotel with the character, the spirit and the history. Ancient Skioni was built after the Trojan War and was known as a famous seaport, center of economics and culture. Marble coins represented in the courtyard of the hotel, are exact copies of Skioni currency. Each coin represents the most inmost desires of all people on earth. Let your myths become reality: just stand on the ancient coin and make a wish, regarding the meaning of the symbol shown on the coin, continue your "way" shifting from one coin to another.

Another trademark of Rahoni is the statue of Aphrodite with a small fountain. Together with cozy chairs and amazing view they form our signature Aphrodite’s Recreation Area, where constant comfortable temperature is kept thanks to the shade of the pines

Rahoni is an adult-only hotel, aimed at creating ultimate privacy and comfort. The child-free environment  guarantees maximum peace and relaxation for the guests, while boutique format allows to create exclusive atmosphere with personalized friendly service.

Limited number of rooms creates a club-like  private atmosphere away from noise and prying eyes. At the same time you will get maximum attention as soon as you need it

If you haven’t yet experienced those dramatic Greek sunsets, you should see them with your own eyes at Rahoni. A breathtaking view can be seen from one of our signature panorama pools